Sabtu, 12 September 2009

Miki Shen Li Jun Shanghai Model Dancer

Miki Shen li jun

Miki is Shen Li Jun Shanghai now a star, although his career as a model and dancer. His face and body oriental hot, sexy, best known to him as a model for the magazine cover.

Coat Shen Li Jun, hair and fashion are well known on the support of Shanghai, so it is really popular in Shanghai.

Shen Li Jun Comments:

Name: Shen Lijun (???)
English name: Mikki
Age: 22
Birthplace: Shanghai
Nationality: Chinese
Language: Mandarin
Occupation: Student, Dancer, Model
Height: 162cm
Dimensions: 80cm 60cm 86cm
Weight: 48kg
Favorite pet: little cat and dog
Favorite Country: Spain
Favorite color: White

Discover Shen Li Jun hot and sexy.html”target=”_blank”title=”Beautiful Girl” >beautiful images here:

Miki Shen li junMiki Shen li jun

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