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Cute Sexy Model bispak Jakarta

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The most sensitive to the woman based on skin color

(Katurangganing Women's)

This tips we get from jawa kitab. That's why maybe you will verry dificult to understand what i'm write about. But slowly you will find the main idea. This almost same with kamasutra, this will guide you to have great sexy with cewek bispak cantik or perek jakarta. Women are beautiful beings and created to accompany the men. Women's life in this condition have a different and dicipptakan with a variety of different skin colors. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, have a sense of delight and keistimewaaan different.

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In the case of sex, a man when his wife mengginginkan satisfaction in relation to sex, must know exactly keingginan spouse. Indeed keningginan for the spoiled and disayang is fundamental keingginan each woman. By karenannya for membahagiakannya a man must be clever-clever take heart and understand keingginan wife.

According kitap jawa "Bataljemur Adammakna," a man if you want to provide sexual satisfaction to the wife, must first know the specific parts of the most sensitive of his wife's body. If it is already known in the related sex akan easier for him to give satisfaction birahi and maximum enjoyment on his wife.

As already be above that women were created in a variety of different skin colors. For a woman to let the skin color of the body where the most delicate and sensitive. According kitap jawa "Bataljemur Adammakna" the following parts of the body based on the most sensitive female skin color.

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FEMALE white

White woman according kitap has the sensitivity to the entire body will be touched and that bring him satisfaction. However there are certain parts of the most sensitive part on the trunk in the thigh until pangkalnya, both payudaranya and lips. If you want to make with your wife who is white, start with the lips kiss, and then spread down rabalah both breast and fruit rabalah part in the pahanya. With treatment your wife is so white that you will not able to release the easement that has been dirasanya.

FEMALE yellow

Women's yellow part of the body most sensitive rod is located in the neck, the area around the susu bagain down toward the belly and back. To start this woman make stem neck with a kiss, especially at the bottom of the chin and occiput. Then berpindahlah fruit to the chest (not the chest) and to the stomach. Taste your vibration when you smell the area around the stomach to the child's hair in the area vaginannya. Can be ascertained that the couple will be enjoying your

FEMALE with reddish

As the woman white woman with reddish flare akan birahinya if dirangsang on the susunya and in the thigh. Excess redness of women with this woman is very sensitive when touched pantatnya part. To make a woman with reddish you can start from the feet. Touch his leg and ciumilah small, then raise your hands towards the two pahanya. When you smell the pahanya do not forget to squeeze pantatnya. This can be a woman akan kelejotan and happy with what you do. Then you can ascend to the top of the body and so on.

FEMALE colored Manis

Women of color is different from the sweet woman mentioned above, the women of this type is the only sensitifnya based in the area around kemaluannya. If your wife with a black sweet, then you must be proficient in play in this area before the primary. You can use your fingers, or your lips and tongue. Once your wife is "hot" then you do the primary. If this is your wife do then you will be satisfied sprawl.

That is mentioned in it kitap "Bataljemur Adammakna". But all of that certainly is not 100% should be the case. However it also depends on how you share the love with your partner to create high quality sex and harmony. Hopefully useful and safe to try.

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